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Ouvéa, 98814,

Ouvea is the smallest of the Loyalty Islands. This elongated coral atoll is surrounded by a series of islands: the North and South Pleiades delimiting the lagoon with a thousand shades. Ouvea fights with the Isle of Pines for the title of "the island closest to paradise" and we quickly understand why.
Among the attractions not to be missed, the Mouli bridge.

A bridge over an open aquarium

Built in 1984, this building used to span the inlet separating Mouli Island from the main island of Ouvea.
The views overlooking the Lekiny limestone cliffs, added to the sublime shades of turquoise blue that alongside pure white sandbank, are simply breathtaking.

The submarine side is comparable to external landscapes: an extraordinary fauna evolving under the Mouli bridge and one can relish the show for hours, mesmerized. Turtles, rays, barracudas, colorful schools of fish and sometimes sharks are present in huge amount.

Once you have sufficiently observed the show from the Mouli bridge, we can only advise you to go see all this more closely, with your snorkelling equipment.

A visit in the respect of Kanak traditions

However, it is important to know that part of the area is closed for swimming.
Indeed, Lekiny Bay located east of the bridge is a customary fishing reserve of the Fayawa tribe, located on the small facing island of eight kilometers long. The site is "taboo". Pleasure of the eyes only!

However, you can swim to the west of the bridge in the lagoon, lined with beautiful beaches, to enjoy all the underwater beauty. Nevertheless, be careful because strong currents can operate at this location.

At low tide, you can also go exploring with a guide, Lekiny cliffs and caves shaped by time and adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. The tour takes you through a wooden ladder to the first level of the cliffs to enjoy a fabulous panoramic view.

To close with a flourish this discovery day full of emotions, nothing better than to go to the tip of Mouli to enjoy the fabulous sunset over the water that will eventually convince you that this place is a little piece of heaven .

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