With your ncpocketWifi, stay connected during your stay in New Caledonia or abroad.
Rent a ncpocketWifi is to enjoy the following services:

• Unlimited data
• High speed 4G  Internet
• Shared connection up to 5 devices
• No SIM card required

For your stay in New Caledonia, several rental packages are possible:
1 to 2 days / 3 to 5 days / 6 to 9 days / 10 to 14 days / 15 to 21 days / 22 to 29 days / 30 days and more

From a rental of 6 days, you can book an optional delivery and return the housing at your place of residence in Nouméa or Greater Nouméa.

For your stay abroad, we offer daily rates for Australia, France, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Asia, USA, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

We also offer SIM cards for New Zealand, France and Vanuatu.

To consult our rates and book, do not hesitate to click on the Direct booking button.

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2 Rue Paul Boissery, Résidence Arona Bay, Apt. 107 98800 NOUMEA - NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE - NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE
2 Rue Paul Boissery, Résidence Arona Bay, Apt. 107 NOUMEA, 98800, NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE
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