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Noumea city market

  • Marché de Nouméa
  • Marché de Nouméa
  • Marché de Nouméa

Formerly located in downtown, the market was moved in 1991 near Port Moselle marina in order to gain space to accommodate more stalls.

Composed of five small halls with well distinctive blue roofs, it is the suitable place to stock up on food of all kinds or stroll amid the stands of many colors.

Stalls iridescent

A wide variety of products are available to you, starting with the local fruits and vegetables such as bananas, papayas, yams, taro and many others, not counting those that are imported.
To complete the list, you will find a little farther meat, flowers and pastries, all in a maze of flamboyant colors that will wake up all your senses.

Given the success of the municipal market, it is advisable to get there early enough to benefit from a wider choice but also to have the chance to meet the fishermen coming here directly deposit the fruits of their labor.

Besides, the inevitable fish stand is in a separate building,on the seafront, guaranteeing us a freshness unparalleled. We do not know where to turn between all the varieties that are available to us: fish of all sizes and colors, seafood and crustaceans such as lobsters, popinées ...

From edible products to crafts

Apart from the "fresh" is another hall dedicated to handicrafts offering jewelry, wooden statuettes and various decorative items, allowing you to bring home a local souvenir. One can also indulge in the adjacent square, by the stands of clothing, bags, sarongs ...

The municipal market is unquestionably friendly, it is a meeting place where tourists mingle with local in a cozy atmosphere.

Besides to enjoy another moment after this little shopping, you can let yourself go to enjoy a breakfast donut or fresh fruit juice.

On weekends, the atmosphere is tenfold thanks to the local group playing, adding a Pacific touch to this market. 

Another nice market being in the area is the one of Ducos, called the Bushman market open only on Saturdays from 5am to 11am.

Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday from 5am to 11am
Address: 50 rue Georges Clemenceau - Noumea

Languages - French


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