Wadiana waterfall

  • Cascade de Wadiana

Let’s go South!

When you take the Yaté road towards Prony, make a detour by the Goro tribe to go and admire the Wadiana waterfall.

Also called Goro falls, it is easy to access as located on the roadside, facing the sea. If you do not arrive too fast, you will not miss it.

A must-be-made swimming break

Take the time to take a little break for a refreshing swim. The environment is beautiful with lush vegetation, the water and singing birds embellish the tranquillity that prevails.

The beautiful high falls of about 30 meters come pouring into a natural pool below inviting for swimming. Some fish are hiding in the water holes, waiting for visitors to leave the place.
Children will love in the natural slides offered by the natural slopes of the waterfall.

This is a very pleasant place to walking, picnics and family swimming that you should not be missed when you are passing by.

A little further on, after the Goro tribe, you can go and see the remains of the old iron mine between the mountain and the sea.

This mine was exploited by the Japanese and closed after Pearl Harbor. Up to 1500 people used to work there.
Today, only a few impressive infrastructure rusted by time remains, reminiscent remembering of those years of hard work.

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