Lifou vanilla plantation

  • Vanilleraie de Lifou
Lifou, 98820,

Vanilla plantations are unquestionably part of Lifou cultural heritage as well as its beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs or caves of another time.
The first missionaries were the ones who introduced vanilla to Lifou in 1860 and especially the wife of the English clergyman Samuel McFarlane who passed a few plans as well as vanilla cultivation techniques to the inhabitants of the largest of the Loyalty Islands.

Since then, culture has considerably grown and was organized, giving Lifou today a strong reputation thanks to its high quality 100% natural vanilla.

The House of vanilla located in the Hnathalo tribe now centralizes the majority of vanilla production of the Loyalty Islands. Producers must respect a set of specific charges in line with organic farming.

A delicate cultivation process

Patience and attention to detail are a must throughout the growing process of the plant which is actually an orchid.
Flowering occurs from September to December, during which the flowers are pollinated by hand.
Those which have been forgotten during fertilization, will die the same night.

After months of growing, mature pods must be harvested, always by hand. The first step of preparation is scalding, it consists in soaking the beans in hot water in order to stop their maturation.

Following this, they will go through a drying phase in which the pods are sorted and categorized. Finally, they will be placed in sealed boxes protecting them from external moisture during this last stage that is maturing.

The Oni Wael plantation tour, located opposite the House of vanilla, will give you a better understanding and concrete approach of the history, the stages of cultivation and preparation of vanilla for 500 XPF per person.

Several other vanilla plantations to visit in Lifou

- Chez Félix and Janine Bolé, the tribe of Mucaweng who also have a garden bursting with tropical flowers.
- Vanilla Joyeuse at Lues Rokuad the tribe of Mu (+687 45.15.79). Price: 500 XPF.
- At Weniko Wejième, the tribe of Jozip (+687 45.01.30). In addition to the vanilla plantation, you can visit a cave and underground lake.

Take the opportunity of the visits to buy some pods in memory of Lifou to enhance your cooking with its unrivaled fragrance.

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