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Air Paradise offers, directly from the beach or the POE aerodrome depending on the weather conditions, aerial tourist routes to discover the incredible beauty of New Caledonia, from a breathtaking panoramic view.
Our pilots and instructors, trained in France, will share with you the experience of a take-off and landing, an extraordinary and unique sensation!!!
Based in Poé, we offer 20 min and 45 min tours.

The + of a seaplane:
With a seaplane, we are lower (we see mammals and fish much closer) and we are safer thanks to the fact that we can land anywhere. Our seaplane being amphibian, we can also take off and land on land depending on the weather.
The seaplane does not pollute the lagoon!!

  • No engine exhaust in water.
  • No propellers underwater.
  • No underwater pollution.
  • No damage under water since only 30 cm of draft.

In addition to your flight, Air Paradise allows you to book options, don't miss out!

  • Video Option : To fully enjoy your flight, we offer to film the entire flight for you. For an additional 3,180 cfp, leave with a memory card containing the video of your flight!
    The option taken brings the flight within the framework of aerial work, also accessible to individuals.
  • Piloting option : During your flight you will be required to pilot for a few minutes. The pilot-instructor will give you the controls after some recommendations so that you can discover the control of the device in the 3 dimensions. A maximum of sensations! Supplement of 5,300 cfp.
  • Safari option : Pilot and passenger go in search of marine mammals and animals. Observation in their natural environment. Supplement of 3,180 cfp.

It is possible to book 2 flights at the same time thanks to our 2 seaplanes! Please select the Simultaneous Flight option (once for the 2 flights booked).

Children are accepted from 8 years old with the compulsory presence of parents.

Pilot school

Air paradise also offers initiations to piloting a microlight seaplane as well as a Declic Pack training course of 3 flights, which can be booked online. Complete training on estimate. Children are eligible from the age of 15 for these benefits.

This activity is dependent on weather conditions, the provider therefore reserves the right to postpone the activity in case of bad conditions.

Flights depart from Poé aerodrome.

Attention weight limit: 90 kg per passenger

Before finalizing your reservation, please let us know your weight in the comments box.

For any additional information, our switchboard is open Monday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

IMPORTANT :for gift cards, please note that they are not refundable.

Our prices From

20-minute flight over the Poé Lagoon111,04 €

Flight school: 20m initiation to piloting a ULM Hydroplane155,45 €

45-minute flight over the Poé Lagoon222,07 €

Flight school: 45-minute initiation to piloting a ULM Hydroplane293,3 €

Training: Training pack - 3x1 hour of introduction to piloting712,5 €

Languages - english - spanish - french
Equipment - Car park
- Cheques - Cash - Eurocard - MasterCard - Visa

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