Madeleine reserve and waterfall

  • Les chutes de la Madeleine

Welcome to the red soils of South!

It takes about 1h30 drive from Noumea to reach this reserve of 400 hectares located in the town of Yate, near the Provincial Park of the Blue River. This reserve includes an extraordinary biodiversity (168 plant species).

Many of the species found here are endemic, that is to say, they exist only in New Caledonia. The red earth contains many metals (nickel, aluminum, chromium, iron) and only allows mining plants to survive in this very specific environment.

The falls of the Madeleine, inevitable stop on the site, are located on the right at the entrance to the reserve in walking distance. Bathing is prohibited.
Indeed, the successive visits of the reserve, wild camps, the passing vehicles considerably damaged the heritage over the years.

Therefore in order to reverse this trend, a Flora Special Reserve was created in 1990 by the Southern Province to preserve this fragile environment and replanting plant species that were destroyed.
Now for a swim, you have to go to the South Woods site or that of Netcha, available for free with your entrance to the reserve.

This is not so much the falls themselves that impress upon arriving at the scene, as high only a few meters. But it is rather the wild and singular environment around them. Moreover, a series about dinosaurs was filmed there by the BBC, as the dense and lush vegetation projects the visitor into another time.

Above the Magdalen Falls is a plateau from which you access by climbing on the rocks. From here you have a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape and the River of Lakes.

Further, take the nature trail clearly indicated that runs along 2 kilometers through the reserve, to meet different plant species of shapes and colors quite atypical. Seven moutain bike trails, of varying difficulty, were built in the area. Kayaks are also available to explore places on the river side.

This La Madeleine provincial nature reserve is a place of great beauty who has a unique microcosm still preserved, ideal for a family outing.

Price: 400 XPF for adult  and 200 XPF for children 
Phone: +687.46.98.00
Hours: daily from 8am to 5pm

Languages - French


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