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The Ouen Toro is a small hill rising to 128 meters above sea level, located in the south of Noumea. An asphalt road takes you to the summit in a few minutes.

From there, a sublime view of the bays invites contemplation. We see several islands close to the Noumea coasts, mountains, lagoon and coral reef.
Two Australian cannons dating from World War II sit proudly at the top, as if to remind the memory of the dark hours of a recent past.

A green lung in the heart of the city

If you want to experience more of the climb on Ouen Toro and especially the city park it houses, several hiking trails allow to climb without difficulty. The trek passes through the nature that has been classified botanical reserve thanks to numerous endemic species that lives there.

Since 1988, the Ouen Toro city park spread over 50 hectares, is the subject of special attention from the Southern Province, aimed at the preservation of its ecosystem. The dry forest, one of the last of Nouméa with the Zoological and Forest Park, which here spreads over 3 hectares, is subject to a reforestation program.

A haunt for hikers

Several walking paths are
very well marked among this nature paradise, offering a pleasant excursion in the middle of chlorophyll that abounds on the slopes of Mount.
Before embarking on a hike, don't forget to bring something to drink because there is no water point on the route or even at the top.

Paragliders are also fond of this area as ideal starting point to practice their sport.

So let's discover the slopes of the hill and admire its splendid panorama... A detour on Ouen Toro is a must!

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