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  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
  • Nouméa Skydive
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Nouméa Skydive offers tandem free fall baptisms in Nouméa at Kuendu Beach or Poé!
Whether you want to finally live your dream, conquer your fear, live pure adrenaline or offer as a gift, Nouméa Skydive offers you the opportunity to jump over the largest lagoon in the world and to live an extraordinary experience.
If it's a first, nothing better than New Caledonia to live or offer this sensational experience!

From Monday to Friday, RDV at Kuendu Beach to fly over Nouméa, the bays, the islets and the coral reef.
On weekends, public holidays and holidays, fly over the beautiful Poé lagoon.

You have the choice:
Height of 3,000 meters: free fall jumping lasts about 30 seconds
Height of 4,000 meters: free-fall jumping lasts about 50 seconds

Description of the jump:
1- After a briefing of a few minutes introducing you to the equipment, the action to take during the free fall and the landing, you board the plane (up to 4 tandems by plane) for a flight over the lagoon of about 20 minutes.
2- 30 to 50 seconds of free fall at 200 km/h depending on the chosen jump (3000 m or 4000 m) attached to the qualified Youth and Sport instructor (DEJEPS and BEES trained by the French Parachuting Federation) and Civil Aviation ( Professional Parachutist).

3- At 1500 m, opening of the parachute to enjoy the 4 to 7 minutes of parachute descent facing the lagoon and to enjoy the joys of sailing.
4- The instructor takes the controls for a safe landing.
In addition, leave with your flocked usb key to preserve the images of your magic moment!

Nouméa Skydive also offers PAC training (Progression accompanied by fall) to learn to jump in autonomy in just 7 jumps!
Next training: from 16 to 20 December 2019.

The day before the jump, contact us at 77 32 21 for the weather and schedule point.
The day of the jump, on the spot, thank you to devote us the half-day.

Minimum weight: 40 kg - Maximum weight: 100 kg
No deep diving 24 hours before the jump.
Outfit: closed shoes, no loose clothing, eat normally.
The credit card requested to register your reservation (other than for gift cards) will not be charged and is only a guarantee. You will have to pay your jump the day of your jump with Nouméa Skydive by credit card or cash. 

If you need to come to our office, please call us first at 77 32 21. Our office is on Roger Gervolino street, in front of Renauld Occasion and Loca V. Entrance from Helisud door.

Our prices From

Tandem jump Nouméa - 3000 m or 4000 m - 30 sec to 50 sec of free fall351,96 €

Tandem jump Poé - 3000 m or 4000 m - 30 sec to 50 sec of free fall Nouméa351,96 €

Formation P.A.C1625,71 €

Languages - english - french
- Cheques - Cash - Eurocard - MasterCard - Visa - Secure online payment

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Rue Roger Gervolino NOUMEA, 98800, NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE

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