Marjorie Botella - Life Coach - Holistic Therapist - Energetic Therapist - Reiki Practitioner and ACCESS BARS - Happy'Culture'therapy

Beauty & Wellness

Holistic Therapist, Energy Therapist and Life Coach, graduated and recognized by the State, Marjorie cultivates, transmits and teaches HAPPYCULTURE. These change coaching techniques are powerful. It helps you to weed your bad thoughts, your internal pollution and balance your energy to calmly restore your creative power to your life and well-being.

Passionate about Human Relations, Quantum Physics, Personal Development and Energy, this Practitioner of REIKI and ACCESS BAR will give you the keys to become in all conscience the Artisan of your evolution and to cultivate Wellbeing and Joy in your life .

. The Coaching Life and HAPPY'CULTURE session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. - Price: 9,000 CFP
. The HAPPYCULTURE Therapy Program runs over 10 sessions. - Price: 69 000 CFP
. The Energy session is at 9000 CFP

According to your path of life and your needs; there are the Packages Cure of Energetic Care discovered or concentrated
in 3 sessions: 26,000 CFP
in 5 sessions: 42,000 CFP


This alternative, joyous and healthy approach is recommended to relax and solve your different issues: stress, esteem, self-confidence, inertia, procrastination, depression, decision support, or 'acute roughness'; also, Marjorie will help you to spend the transition and change in your life: professional change, separation, arrival of a new baby, moving... Or simply to accompany you to a better knowledge of yourself or in success a new challenge...

HAPPY'CULTURE internships and collective workshops are set up throughout the year or can be ordered in a tailored way for a group.
More info on facebook: HAPPY'

Address: Cabinet 1 rue Auguste PAGE - Baie des Citrons - Nouméa - Tel 755 120

Languages - french
- Cheques - Cash


1 Rue Auguste Page Quartier : Baie Des Citrons 98800 NOUMEA - NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE - NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE

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