Lemon Bay - "Baie des Citrons"

  • Coucher de soleil à la Baie des Citrons
  • Plage baie des Citrons
  • Baie des Citrons depuis la promenade

Beach and coconut trees

This Noumea neighbourhood in the southwestern part, with that of Anse Vata, make the tourist center of the city.

Several hypotheses share the origin of the name of the bay: the first is obviously the presence of lemon trees at time at the scene, another more romantic is the one of a ship full of lemons that would have failed on the bay ... You decide which one you like best!

Also called the "BD" by local people, Lemon Bay consists of a one kilometre long beach, popular with families because sheltered from prevailing winds. Its sandbar invites to idleness and to picnic between swims. If the sun is too strong, sit a little further back on the grass, in the shade of coconut trees to enjoy a little ice cream, the choices abound in the neighbourhood!

At night, the Bay of Lemons becomes the trendy place to be

After enjoying an afternoon lazing by the water, you will discover the other side of the Lemon Bay.
After sunset, the animation starts in this area: the many bars, restaurants and clubs start to fill in a party atmosphere.

Music groups come regularly to play in bars, adding an additional animation.
The wide choice of facilities makes it the favourite place of all Nouméans night owls.

Languages - French


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