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New Caledonia has this magic aspect that, not content to have sublime landscapes very diversified in the Mainland, it also has many beautiful islands located a few kilometers from its shores. Noumea in particular account a great number of little islands to the delight of its inhabitants who can escape there for a day or a week-end.

One of these famous islands, located 24 kilometers from Noumea, is the Phare Amédée Island.

Amédée island and its slender lighthouse

This white sandy island is named after the great high white lighthouse 56 meter high, overlooking the turquoise waters nearby. Built in Paris in 1862 on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of London, it was then transported piece by piece and reassembled in New Caledonia, in order to alert boats on the presence of the Boulari pass, one of the natural entrance paths into the lagoon.

Closed for several months for restoration work, it is open again to visitors. From the top of the 271 steps it takes to climb to the summit, the panorama of color gradients of the lagoon is simply sublime. This same lagoon that houses an exceptional fauna and marine life was classified marine reserve by the Southern Province.
To protect this rich location, fishing is prohibited, as well as collecting shells.

Exceptional seabed

This unspoilt reserve therefore offers a fabulous spectacle for divers. The snorkelling equipment is absolutely essential for exploring the beautiful corals, colorful fish, often turtles and other marine species. Inland, one frequently encounters striped knits, these small poisonous snakes that are in fact very placid and timid.

On the island, shop offers all kinds of souvenirs: sarongs, T-shirts, swimwear ... Take the time to buy a postcard that you can send directly from the Phare Amédée which has a dedicated mailbox!

The beach invites to relaxation and idleness, loungers are available for a fee. To stretch your legs and explore the Phare Amédée in its entirety, nothing better than a trip around the island that is only 400 meters long.

In 2009, the beauty of Amedee were formalized by becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its popularity makes it a mobbed site on weekends and it is best to go during the week when it is calmer, in order to appreciate the charms of the island.

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