Luengoni beach

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  • Plage arborée Luengöni
Lifou, 98820,

The island of Lifou is full of hidden treasures. Luengöni Beach is one of those must-see places during your stay. It is located in the southeast of Lifou Loyalty island, in the district of Lössi specifically.

A beach paradise still unspoiled

Like many places on the island, it is worth the price of research and patience given the limited guidance. Access can be done through the north side of the tribe at the level of  Noel's place, or in the middle of the tribe, following the signs for Ukekep house.
The beach beaing on the territory of a tribe, do not hesitate to ask for directions to the people who are very kind and willing to help.
Locations are available under the trees to park easily.

Then, you just have to approach for the show to begin. The colors instantly detach from this paradisiacal landscape: a long stretch of powdery white sand, turquoise water with a gradient of blue straight out of a painting and two coral islands set amid the waves.
The central one is also nicknamed "Conforama island" in reference to an advertisement of the brand which had been shot at this place in the 90.

A landscape that will remain etched in your memory

The sheltered bay provides a safe haven where time becomes suspended. The limited attendance of Luengöni beach reinforces this idea of ​​being privileged with access to a magical place. A line of trees border the bay and allows you to shelter from the sun.
You can therefore spend several hours relaxing on the idyllic beach or in the crystal clear water of the lagoon.

The show is rather out of the water: if you dive, you'll see that the sand dominates, there is very little coral and fish there.
However, turtles are often transient in the bay. With a little luck, you can end up dabbling with them.

Once you have sufficiently enjoyed the place, you can take a trip not far away to discover the "Jewels of Luengöni". Boël Pia takes you to visit underground caves in the middle of a dense forest. Snorkeling amidst these natural pools armed with a torch, to discover the different rooms of rare beauty, is a unique experience.

Languages - French


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