The Natural Pool, Isle of Pines

  • Eau cristalline piscine naturelle
  • Pirogue traditionnelle île des Pins
  • Plage piscine naturelle île des Pins
  • Piscine naturelle île des Pins
  • Chenal accès piscine naturelle île des Pins
Ile des Pins, 98832,

This is probably one of the most famous sights of New Caledonia. On this island that fight the title of "nearest place to heaven" with Ouvea, columnar pine forests gave their name to this green paradise.

A nature treasure

The natural pool is located near Oro Bay. Two options are available to you to enter this magical place. The land is the first solution. A car park is provided for this purpose for free and is not far from the hotel Le Meridien. The entrance to the natural swimming pool costs 1 000 XPF per person. Once you have paid for this right of entry, cross the channel that allows you to reach a trail of ten minutes.

For the "marine" solution, you'll cross Upi Bay in traditional Melanesian canoe during about an hour from St. Joseph Bay. This tour allows to discover postcard scenery in an original mean of transport.

Once there, you'll have to walk (no difficulty) for forty minutes in the heart of the forest to access a small channel that leads to the famous natural swimming pool. The path is decorated with a vegetation putting you out of the sun. You will certainly have the chance to meet small crabs along the route that will be quick to hide in their holes, frightened by passersby.

Swimming, diving, contemplation are the key words of this visit

Once there, the show is here, in front of you: clear water sheltered from the turmoil of the ocean with a belt of rocks acting as a bulwark against the crashing waves. There is no equivalent place to this masterpiece of nature composed of white sand, clear water and majestic Columnar pines.

It is essential to bring your snorkelling equipment to take advantage of all underwater wonders that the natural pool can offer. Despite shallow water, colorful fish come together in the middle of corals. An exploration with mask is enough to take eyeful. However if you want to cross the pool, water shoes can be useful to avoid the inconvenience of walking on shells or corals.

This place is particularly popular, it is advisable to go in the morning or after 2.30 pm to avoid the crowds and take full advantage of this little piece of paradise.

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