The Lindéralique rocks

  • Falaises de Lindéralique

A treasure of wilderness

Hienghène area, located on the east coast of New Caledonia is known for its beautiful wild landscapes. One of them is particularly famous, as it was on the XPF 500 bank notes: these are the famous Cliffs of Lindéralique.

Located 4 kilometers south of Hienghène, they stand out for their very steep shapes like cut with a scalpel. Composed of black limestone, they stand confidently on the ocean. The distinction of a given representation in the form of these cliffs is less obvious than the Hen or the Sphinx, it will be left to the discretion of each according to its degree of imagination.

These rock formations stretch on several kilometers from the Bay of Hienghene. At their feet, there is the small village of the tribe of Lindéralique.

The action of water on the rock mass has resulted over the years in the appearance of caves and other geological formations. The most famous cave is that of the Great Hall. Some deep galleries even entirely cross the cliffs of Lindéralique, ending on the protected Mangrove on the other side. These dark hiding places in the rocks are the favorite playground of the bats, which are numerous. 

The different viewpoints

There are several ways to come and admire the famous cliffs, the first is by 2 easy walking routes. Either the departure is from the seaside, through the beach represented on the 500 XPF bank note for a 1h30 walk.

The other loop passes through the Ga Wivaek peak, offering a splendid view of the lagoon and Hienghène. The trail is marked and access is free. To enjoy this ride, you should be equipped with walking shoes, a hat and water, not to mention your camera to capture these beautiful landscapes!

Another way to enjoy this fabulous place is the maritime side through a kayak trip starting from the Lindéralique lagoon which will give you an angle entirely different of these creations of nature. This sea side tour can also take you to the famous Hienghène Hen, another natural monument in the region. 

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