Caledonian cornice

  • Vue de la route de la Corniche

A discovery route to the wild land

Located on the east coast of New Caledonia, New Caledonia cornice is the coastal road that leads from Pouébo to Hienghene, known as the most beautiful route of the territory. It is an incomparable journey to the heart of beautiful landscapes, which will remain etched in the memories. Through lush vegetation due to a wetter climate than the rest of the country, the small road goes up and then down to the sea at the discretion of the mountainous landscape.

The road passes through some villages where one can discover beautiful Kanak huts with their well maintained flower gardens. The route is dotted with small huts offering local products like fruits and vegetables or crafts such as wooden necklaces, soap stones... The stalls are often self-service, so just drop the amount on the desired object in the box provided for this purpose to take it away with you.

Apart from these few houses along this road, it is a haven of peace. According to tradition, people who intersect gratify each other with a friendly hand gesture to say hello, which makes the journey more pleasant, although here, there is mainly calm.

We are left alone in the green nature that provides us a change of scenery between towering mountains, the sea breaking on the rocks below, waterfalls, cliffs, rainforest and wild flowers.

A little further, there is the Tao waterfall visible from the road from cracking vegetation. This area has many waterfalls, including the beautiful Colnett, which make it a magical place for walks and swimming. Note however the rising water which is quite common in cases of heavy rain, which may make access difficult or dangerous.

Mount Panié, peaking at 1629 meters above sea level making it the highest point of the territory, is easily spotted from the Caledonian ledge. Its massive natural reserve is full of uncommon vegetal species offering beautiful walks with guide accompaniment.

Caledonian cornice is a vast natural treasure dotted with wonderful landscapes that you need to see rather than reading about it... A must itinerary while traveling on the East Coast!

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