Great Ferns Park

  • Parc des Grandes Fougères

A park where nature reigns

Just 1h30 from Nouméa, in the communes of Farino (where the park entrance is situated), Sarramea and Moindou, the Great Ferns Park lays over 4500 hectares of rainforest. The rest of the massif belonging to the Southern Province is even larger but is not open to visitors. But do not worry, there is already enough to discover in the huge park of the Great Ferns!

Created in 2008 to protect its fragile ecosystem, the park is the home of many endemic species specific to New Caledonia. It also takes its name from the presence of numerous fern trees.

Plant species coexist with animals such as birds: cagou, notou, green pigeon. Let yourself be captivated by the tranquility that emanates, with birds singing and trees rustling in the wind.

Spaces designed for visitors

The park is well laid out so as to create dedicated spaces for visitors, with respect for the environment.
40 kilometers of marked trails offer different hiking trails according to their difficulty and duration (from 1 to 4 hours) feasible walking or cycling (note: there are no bike hire locally).
The 6 well marked trails lead to stunning views of the high peaks to assess the grandeur and diversity the park has to offer.

This is the ideal place to spend a day of family discovery through beautiful walks, areas are prepared for the picnic and amenities are available. To learn more about species, Provincial Park of Large Ferns and their history, it is possible to book a guide who accompanies you during the visit, to discover this exceptional natural environment in the best conditions.

Do not miss: the heart of Farino, beauty of nature that carved a heart in the rock in which the water of the river flows.

A part situated to the west of the park is reserved for hunting and therefore forbidden to visit as well as an area to the East dedicated to conservation. Indeed some species including deer and wild pigs present in large numbers, need to be regulated in order to protect the overall biodiversity of the park. This area is framed and hunting are operated under certain conditions.

Hours: Wednesday to Monday from 7.30am to 5pm
Price: 400 XPF / adult / 200 XPF / child
Phone: +687 90 73 37

Languages - French


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